GoogleSitemapGenerator v1

We all know about the importance of Search Engine Optimisation and how it affects the ranking of a web site and getting listed on Google's search engine result page. One way that you can help Google index your site is to create a Google xml sitemap file. This file describes the files that make up your web site and provides information about when the files were modified, how often they get modified and the relative importance of the pages within the web site.

GoogleSitemapGenerator is a free Windows SEO utility for generating Google xml sitemap files. This invaluable tool is simple to use and ensures your sitemap is accurate and up to date. Ideal for web site designers and developers.

Google Sitemap

Getting started

  • Download the .msi installer file to your pc. Open the .msi file and follow the on-screen installation instructions to install GoogleSitemapGenerator.
  • GoogleSitemapGenerator.exe is a Windows command line program that can be run from a bat file or launched from your website publishing software. The program is installed in the following directory by default:
    C:\Program Files\Logicmighty\GoogleSitemapGenerator
  • Simple command line parameters specify the output sitemap file and the directory containing your web site files. Easily incorporated into a windows batch file (.bat) for repeated use.
  • Program generates an xml sitemap of all the files in your website top level directory and sub-directories.

Running the program

  • Open a "Command Prompt" window.
  • At the command prompt enter the full path to GoogleSitemapGenerator.exe followed by the program parameters. The Syntax and Example sections below describe the use of the program parameters.
  • Here is an example of what you type into a Command Prompt window. Note:
    a) double quotes are required around the path of the program because it contains space characters.
    b) the program path and parameters must be entered as one complete line.

    "C:\Program Files\Logicmighty\GoogleSitemapGenerator\GoogleSiteMapGen" c:\sitemap.xml c:\website

  • Press return to run GoogleSiteMapGen with it's parameters. (Alternatively put the command and parameters into a .bat file for repeated use).


GoogleSiteMapGen <outputSitemapPath> <url> <dir> <filter> <settings>

<outputSitemapPath> output path of generated sitemap XML file  
<url> web site url  
<dir> directory path of web site files  
<filter> search pattern for filtering files optional
<settings> path of the sitemap settings file optional

The sitemap settings file allows you to define the "change frequency" and "priority" of specific files in your website. GoogleSiteMapGen applies a default "change frequency" of monthly and a "priority" of 0.2 unless an entry is found in the sitemap settings file. The sitemap settings file also has the ability of excluding specific web files from the output sitemap. For further details of the sitemap settings file, scroll down the page.


GoogleSiteMapGen c:\sitemap.xml c:\website

The above example generates c:\sitemap.xml for all the .htm files in c:\website and its sub-directories.

GoogleSiteMapGen c:\sitemap.xml c:\website "*.aspx|*.htm|"

In the above example a filter has been specified to include only the .aspx and .htm files in c:\website and its sub-directories in the output sitemap.

GoogleSiteMapGen c:\sitemap.xml c:\website "*.aspx|*.htm|" c:\sitemapsettings.txt

In the above example a site map settings file has been specified.

Sitemap settings file

The sitemap settings file is a text file used to store custom settings for specific web files. Each line in the text file defines the sitemap settings that will be applied for the specified web file in the output xml sitemap. The line contains 4 variable length character fields separated by a pipe character as shown below.

Sitemap settings file