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Platinum Photo Service for Journalists is 10 Times Faster with Economical Web-based DAM Software

Platinum Guild International UK use Logicmighty Medialibrary software to share platinum jewellery photos with staff, retailers, journalists and agencies.

Their old photo system was slow. Designers and journalists received low resolution photos, made selections, then received a CD of high resolutions or followed directions to locate and download files from an FTP site. It was difficult to hide exclusive images reserved for marketing staff.

PGI now use online digital asset software for everyone to instantly download high resolution quality (showing off the jewellery quality and detail) from a central photo hub. For product launches, marketing staff create a unique light box for each magazine to select and download photos. Trade show and advertising campaign light boxes are shared with creative agencies. Controlling ownership is not an issue as PGI purchase copyright from photographers to distribute photos to agencies, magazines and online retailers. To protect against photographic copyright infringement, information is stored with all photographs; users must tick a check box agreeing to terms and conditions before pressing the download button. Other digital assets include a corporate video and video clips showing celebrity customers wearing platinum jewellery.

Tom Jefferson, marketing executive says "medialibrary is an intuitive image management system. Our image library is now secure and accessed quickly by a much wider range of people. The whole process of transferring images is significantly more efficient and 10 times faster than before.