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"Logicmighty Medialibrary is intuitive and is a big asset as is its ability to link in with our existing computer network (it ties into Windows Active Directory) meaning we don’t need to manage individual user accounts to control access to the various areas within the Library. The client file uploader application enables the easy upload of batches of files into the Library and the inbuilt upload function allows individuals to add to the library in a controlled environment. The system also allows tagging of images with specific terms and conditions of use and will remind users of these when an image is downloaded. In our view Logicmighty’s Medialibrary offers exceptional value for money and has solved our issues with storing and locating our media files," said Andy Walker, Digital Channels Specialist, IFR.

The Brief

Institute of Food Research communications team needed an easy way to centralise catalogues of digital assets, allow staff to search by keywords/categories, download photos in different resolutions/formats and scientists to upload their own photographs with credit information. A web-based DAM system integrated with Active Directory to lock-down security and minimise the creation of use accounts and forgotten passwords was required by the IT department.

Medialibrary offers exceptional value for money

An old product installed on three PCs within the communications department was capable of managing images but not videos and was no longer supported. Images were indexed and stored on a file share with a free reader program installed before a person could search the catalogue. Broken links between the image and reader occurred unless the image store was mapped to the correct drive. There was no way to record who took the image and link that information to the photograph. One person’s way of tagging would be different from another person’s and finding the right photo in sub folders was a matter of guess work. Six or seven staff adding images to folders often resulted in duplication.

"In our view Logicmighty’s Medialibrary offers exceptional value for money and has solved our issues with storing and locating our media files," said Andy Walker, Digital Channels Specialist, IFR. The digital team evaluated 5 DAM systems. Most products were aimed at professional photographers which made them difficult to understand and Logicmighty Medialibrary was chosen because it was user friendly and reasonably priced. The new Medialibrary is accessed by 150 staff on a daily basis using their Active Directory passwords. Over 600 images are available for all staff to download for presentations and publications. These include video clips showing architect animations of a new building, PDF branding guidelines and newsletters featuring 5 or 6 page highlights from recent publications and news items. Communications staff have access to over 1000 exclusive photographs including imagery purchased from stock image libraries. The photo download history is checked to avoid over-use. An additional 565 photos are available to staff on an automatic request and approval basis. Currently the Medialibrary is not accessible externally. Communications manage the library administration and microscopy scientists upload their own images with searchable metadata. A typical scientific image features microscopy (electronic microscopes of various bacteria) for use in presentations and scientific papers. Although IFR own the copyright to all imagery, recording the accreditation information is critical to ensure the scientist is credited and shows their team is producing good quality images. Accreditation is also important when a scientist is well known within their field or area and mentioned in an external paper.

About IFR

The Institute of Food Research has charitable status and is the only publicly funded UK research institute that focuses on science of food and health to address the global challenges of food security, diet and health, healthy ageing and food waste. The IFR is one of 8 institutes that receive strategic funding from the BBSRC. IFR advice informs UK and EU Government policy making and the development of appropriate, science-based regulations to improve public health. Training the food and health scientists of the future is an important part of IFR’s mission.