Web based digital asset management software

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Why choose Medialibrary web based digital asset management software?

Photo Management Software

If your digital photo collections are unmanageable, our Medialibrary product will help organize your images. Unlike other photo management software Medialibrary also helps organise related digital media such as video, documents and audio.

Centralised and Secure

Choice of either user name and password authentication or Windows intranet authentication provide secure access to all assets in one location.

Variety of Formats

Multiple media formats including photo, document, pdf, publishing and video are managed within one system.

Powerful User Management

Role based user management simplifies the task of controlling how and what users access in the library and is configurable by administrators though the web user interface.

Automatic indexing

Embedded IPTC and XMP meta data is automatically used to index files making search more precise.

Organise and Protect

Media can be organised into areas and projects to match the structures and practises in your organisation.

Active Directory integration

Integration with Active Directory simplifies user administration whilst utilising the power of Medialibrary role based user management. Please note that a site license is required when configuring the medialibrary for Windows authentication with Active Directory.

Auto-Mapping of XMP and IPTC

Embedded XMP and IPTC meta data tags are auto mapped when media is uploaded into the library.


A variety of reports available for monitoring usage and gathering statistics.

Linked Assets

Media with related meta data is automatically linked by the Medialibrary providing useful alternatives when searching the library. Users can also hard link assets to group media together.

Keywords made Easy

Keywords are automatically generated from the media caption and descriptive text making search more powerful.

Automatic Media Requests

Controlling download access to media can be enforced and managed using media requests.

Project Collaboration

Grouping of assets on a project basis allow users to collaborate and streamline communications. Comments are held on a per project basis within the library.

Dynamic File Conversions

Choice of file formats (Jpeg, Tiff, Gif and PNG) and resolutions (Web, PPT and Print) are available when downloading content.

Permission Management

Sensitive media requiring terms and conditions agreement are handled by the system together with expiry dates and copyright information.