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Client file uploader application (Microsoft Windows)



Version: 3.01.01

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • Medialibrary v3

Product Requirements

  • web service licence key

The client file uploader is a desktop application installed on your personal computer that allows media files to be uploaded into the Medialibrary over an internet connection. The application features background uploading in both manual and automatic mode and common information updating of multiple files.

Windows File Uploader client application

Getting started

  • Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 if it is not already installed on your pc.
  • Download the client file uploader application installation zip file to your pc and extract file MediaLibraryFileUploaderInstall.msi. Open the .msi file and follow the on-screen installation instructions.
  • The installer will create the following shortcut to the client file uploader application on your desktop. To run the application double click on the shortcut icon
  • The client application communicates with the web service interface of the Medialibrary v3 web site. To enable the web service interface the appropriate license key must be specified in the Medialibrary web.config file. Contact Logicmighty for details on how to obtain a web service license key.


The client application communicates with the Medialibrary web site. Before you start uploading media files using the application you must specify the URL of your Medialibrary. Select Settings from the Tools menu and enter the Medialibrary URL together with the username and password of an existing Medialibrary user account. Press the "Test connection" button to verify that the entered details are correct and then press the OK button to save your settings.

File Uploader test connection

Using the client file uploader application

Read the instructions in the user manual pdf file included in the application installation zip file that was downloaded in the "Getting started" section above.