Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on our customer support


"The LBBD medial library is intuitive and very easy to use. I have every confidence that this will be a very useful tool for the council. However, the jewel in your crown is Kathy Bush. She is patient, clear, personable and incredibly knowledgeable about this product. She has made the development of our media library far easier with her on-going, unflappable support and I would not have been able to achieve all that I have been able to do this far, without her help and assistance. She offers clear advice, takes the time to talk through the possible solutions and provides very useful guidance that I have come to rely on. I very much hope to have the opportunity to work with Kathy again."

Zoë Fletcher
Campaigns Manager
London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council

"The LogicMighty medialibrary offer is very comprehensive and ticks everything on our wish-list for a searchable facility with good user controls. Once you have worked out a structure, hosting is simple to set up and maintain. A great photo management software product whose features come close to rivalling some of the stock image libraries. It’s a big step persuading large organisations to re-organise all their digital assets but Kathy and her team gave us unstinting support all along the set-up route, and was fantastically patient in helping us identify our areas and user types."

Rob Sanders
Senior Publications Officer
Trades Union Congress

"We chose Media Library as we needed a better solution for storing and sharing our best images. Before using Media Library our entire bank of images was saved on our main server where many images were not filed correctly or easy to locate. The Media Library interface is really easy to use and having the ability to file images in specific categories and search for images using keywords is an excellent feature. The team at Logicmighty are very helpful and provided support and advice to our marketing team when we were starting to set up the system."

Alex Whitfield
Sales & Marketing Executive
Thermae Bath Spa and The Gainsborough Bath Spa

"Kathy Bush and the team at Logicmighty have really looked after us well over the past 10 years they have hosted our Photolibrary then Medialibrary. Kathy took the time to consider our needs from the start so we were getting the right product and has been very patient with our numerous questions, particularly in helping us understand the transition from Photolibrary to Medialibrary. One of the best, time-saving features for us is the one that allows external organisations, such as the press and other media, to view and request suitable images. Logicmighty are one of my long-standing suppliers and it is a pleasure to work with them."

Lisa Nichols
Brand and Publications Manager
Citizens Advice

"Medialibrary has been invaluable in helping us catalogue images for use in our publications, presentations and online channels. The Logicmighty team is constantly finding ways to update the product with new features and are very responsive if we have any queries. They are a pleasure to work with."

Hilary Makin
Communications Manager
New Forest National Park

"At the Institute of Food Research we use Logicmighty’s Medialibrary to store a mixture of images, documents and video. Its ease of use is a big asset as is its ability to link in with our existing computer network (it ties into Windows Active Directory), meaning we don’t need to manage individual user accounts to control access to the various areas within the Library. The file uploader application enables the easy upload of batches of files into the Library and the inbuilt upload function allows individuals to add to the library in a controlled environment. The system also allows images to be tagged with specific terms and conditions of use and will remind users of these when an image is downloaded. In our view Logicmighty’s Medialibrary offers exceptional value for money and has solved our issues with storing and locating our media files."

Andy Walker
Digital Channels Specialist
Institute of Food Research

"We started using Photolibrary in 2008 and upgraded to the newer product Medialibrary in 2011. The Medialibrary works fine for us and has the right functionality. All office based staff use the Medialibrary to produce documents about Gentoo and pictures are part of that. The communications department have more access rights to use photos for publications, documents, online work and social media. Other staff have less access rights to download certain photos. We are happy with the technical and user support provided and the demeanour of the staff involved."

Adam Brown
Group Communications Manager
Gentoo Group

"The Medialibrary is a great way to share high quality images with the whole company, and our staff love that they can search for the perfect image quickly and easily. Logicmighty were really helpful and offered support and guidance when setting up our library. It’s great that you we could personalise the system, putting our company stamp on it."

Kelly Tucker
Communications Officer
Knightstone Housing

"We have been using the Media Library for over a year now. It has had an amazingly positive response from all staff – they have found it easy to use and search for images. I have found it straightforward to maintain and the security flexibility has allowed us to share images with a wider variety of groups. I would recommend it highly – it has revolutionised the way we store and share images."

Bradley Joy
Information Manager
Compassion in World Farming

"We have been working with Logicmighty for over 10 years, at first with the provision of our Photolibrary, and in the last couple of years, our Medialibrary. Overall, we have found having our images and media stored on a central database, and accessible to all registered users, an amazing resource and an extremely valuable asset. Over the years we have managed to build on our vast array of images, and being able to share these with colleagues and other public bodies alike from an online site is invaluable. One of my top tips for anyone thinking of obtaining their own Medialibrary is, make sure you purchase the desktop bulk file uploader, the ability to upload a large amount of files in one go is priceless!"

Antonia Bailey
Design & Print Manager
University of London International Programmes

"We've been using the new media library hosted by Logicmighty for a few months now and have found it exceptionally easy to use both in terms of uploading images to the library and searching and selecting images. We particularly like the fact that you can keep all the information with a particular image in one place including captions, copyright and expiry details. It helps having this information at your fingertips when you need an image in a hurry. We're still learning about all the features but what we've used so far is working well."

Tina Partridge
Marketing Manager
Spectrum Housing Group

" We have used the media library for all our photos at the moment, we are planning on putting video on at a later date. It is not available to the whole brigade currently but that is due to be the case in the very near future.
It has enabled us to put all our images into a professional piece of software (in both looks and functionality). When it is all up and running, it will enable the whole brigade to access the vast library of images whilst allowing them to be run from one department in so much as a check will be kept as to what is getting used and how.
We have been helped and guided through the whole process by Logicmighty, from designing our artwork for the layout to setting up the library and any other issues we have come across.

Nigel Tilley
Audio Visual Technician - Photographer and Video, Communications Department
Cleveland Fire

"We opted for Medialibrary because it offered the features we needed through a web based application we could easily get to grips with at a price we could afford. Although a small company, we'd managed to accumulate over 60K images taken all over the globe, which was starting to prove quite a burden on our old server; and, more to the point, locating images took an inordinate amount of time and, because they weren't properly catalogued, sorting the wheat among the chaff proved almost impossible. Medialibrary immediately provided an intuitive user interface, remote access for our designers, agencies and media contacts, and controlled user access and rights management of our assets. It soon started to repay its cost through saving time locating images for ads and now, as we use Medialibrary to choose images for our brochure and we continually add keywords to improve the cataloguing of our images, it will start to significantly add value way beyond its cost."

John Dicks
Sales and Marketing Manager
Dragoman and Imaginative Traveller

"The Medialibrary has been fantastic at allowing us to save and store a huge number of images in a logical and efficient way. Before we had the Medialibrary all our images were being stored inconsistently and in several different places. This has allowed us to standardise the way we save and name our images, ensuring they are all in one single place that all staff (and volunteers) can access. For us, the most important thing that it provides us with is the functionality to search for images quickly and easily, saving us a huge amount of time when trying to find suitable images for the publications and reports we produce. The Medialibrary is really easy to use and navigate, making both inserting new images, and finding and downloading existing images quick and straightforward. Vast numbers of the images we take and use belong to several different projects or categories, and are for a variety of purposes. The Medialibrary provides us with the opportunity to cross reference a single image to several different areas. The opportunity to give different members of staff and volunteers different levels of access has also been very beneficial, as well as the opportunity to place clear copyright guidelines with all the images, ensuring that they are used in the correct way. We have been overwhelmed with the level of customer service we have received from Logicmighty, both when setting up the Medialibrary and for ongoing support to get the most out of it."

Abi Jarvis
E Media Marketing Officer
Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

"Medialibrary is simple to use for both marketing staff and the faculties. Uploading photographs is easy and I like the clean and clear style of the user interface. The biggest benefit is the time saving especially the use of shared lightboxes. Staff share their lightboxes with marketing offices to plan their publications. Faculties share their lightboxes with external agencies. Our Medialibrary is hosted on Logicmighy servers and this means any issues are resolved quickly."

Sarah Burton
Graphics and Publications Officer
University of West London

"50% of my time is saved because Medialibrary provides far great efficiency than our old system. Designers and journalists used to trawl through an FTP site of low resolution photos, make their choices, then receive hi resolution versions on CDs. Now external photographers upload photos directly into the Medialibrary – their photos are quarantined and I edit the metadata before removing them from quarantine. The Medialibrary is a big hit with journalists who can download a choice of say 10 images for use in their magazines. We have more opportunities to promote platinum jewellery and always meet publishing deadlines. Apart from photos, we plan to make available power point presentations, terms and conditions and brand guideline documents, PGI logos and other artwork. The best feature in the software is Areas to control what different groups of users see and download."

Tom Jefferson
Marketing Coordinator
Platinum Guild

"We use the Medialibrary to store only photographs and it saves around 2 hours per project in terms of picture research for the design team. The best benefit is that all staff have access to images and the design team has access to lightboxes created for a range of projects. Before Medialibrary, the teams saved their photos in their own folders but now everything is centralised, meaning that all staff can access all Bliss images. Staff members upload quarantined photos for approval by the design team. We use mandatory fields to force users to catalogue photos."

Jess Milton
Design and Publications Manager

"The biggest Medialibrary benefits are time saved and the substantial amount of information attached to each image. Our workflow is greatly improved by being able to manage requests for photos and supply an appropriate image. We use the library as a repository for all fire service imagery and to record metadata and permissions. Different Areas store graphic design layouts and artwork, staff ID photos, PDF Fire Station location maps and general photos. We have improved every aspect of the way we manage images using Medialibrary."

Ian Russell
Web Services Officer
Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service

"Logicmighty’s Medialibrary is an extremely useful asset for us. We used to store photos in various different folders on our server, but having a centralised place where we can catalogue images saves a lot of time and makes it easier for staff to find what they’re looking for in seconds. We also use the Medialibrary to give access to people outside the organisation, such as press and designers, which works really well. By providing a login and determining a restricted access area, we are able to share images externally with all the important information attached, like photo credits and copyright for example – all presented in a very professional way. It’s a pleasure to work with Kathy Bush at Logicmighty and we’re very grateful for the support that we have received with setting up the Medialibrary and making it work for our organisation."

Christiane Hofmann
Senior Marketing Officer
Nuffield Theatre